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Contempoary textiles for women
Concept, Colors, Qualities, Designs

I come from the east coast of Denmark. It was here, at the shores of   Snekkersten, I found inspiration when designing my part of the OFELIA   collection. Nature is shaped slowly and continuously, and still it’s fragile.Like the waves – so relentless, yet fleeting. The materials and the design of   the collection have its roots in the Nordic light, the sand on the beach, the   waves, the driftwood and the plants. In a world that goes faster day by day,   I hope this collection will bring a sense of thoughtfulness and serenity to  your home.






I create the Ofelia textiles to please and satisfy your eyes and senses, mind and body.
I believe it’s important – necessary almost – to be surrounded with beatiful and plesant things that exites us. Beauty is a given, but so is relevance and understanding – or else the design won’t have any real meaning to the user.

Ofelia Cushions

A boat in “Snekkersten havn” was inspiration for one of the cushions






















and finally all the cushions.













This is how the water make patterns in the sand.

















-and this is how I use the sand patterns for a soft cushion.





   Ofelia Curtains

The inspiration is from my garden.






One of the Ofelia Curtains as it is.


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