Andrea Satin IKEA SKAK( Andrea Satin, bestseller textile design in IKEA for more than 6 years)

 SKAKS is dedicated to create modern nordic concepts and designs, which is global agile.

SKAKS is a Living Design & Concept Studio. The innovative design process where creativity and requirements meets is my favorite workplace. In SKAKS I work with diverse businesses, and challenge their brand into innovation and materialization.

I have a master degree in design from Designskolen Kolding. I have been working as a Living designer for 15 years. Furthermore, I have an additional higher learning education in graphic design from MMI and one in innovation from Metropolitan University College.

As designs, and specially textile design, rarely can be seen as an isolated topic, but often operates in close context with another area of design, i.e. fashion-, interior-, room or object based design, it is imperative to take the solidarity of the field into consideration. In my working life I have had opportunities to work with holistic design. As a result, I have extensive knowledge of the majority of the working- and design processes that ensure this solidarity. I think it is a job well done, when design, quality and the price of production form a synthesis.

An important aspect of designing is the ability to spot new trends. This ability, combined with my extensive knowledge in applying and adapting these trends within an international/Nordic design frame, is one of my strongest assets as a designer. Personally, it means that I expect a lot from my designs. Conceptually, creatively as well as commercially, it is important that my designs are of a very high standard.

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